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    You feel the same as me. Wanlilang's actions were clearly motivated by impure motives, but no matter how he plotted, we will still follow the clues revealed in many places according to the original plan. Work cannot stop. Take your time, and don't be in a hurry to succeed, who is the cat and who is the mouse, the result decides everything.” Qin Shizhao, tomorrow I will go to Suzhou to take over the relevant branches of the General Secretariat. He ordered the field staff of the Secret Service to pay attention to the movements of the Political Security Department, pay attention to abnormalities in operations, and call me if you find anything. Maybe."

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    The Secretary of the Secret Service, Major General Yoshitaro Kawamoto, was happy to allocate the budget because he was an old acquaintance with Xu Ruiyang.

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    On the morning of the 14th, Hideki Tojo visited the Shanghai stock market, had a short discussion with Chen Gongbo and other officials in the city government, and then visited the Japanese-occupied area of Hongkou and met with the commander of the 13th Army stationed in Shanghai and the Army stationed in Shanghai, the Minister, Commander of the Forward Fleet and representatives of overseas Vietnamese returned to Tokyo by special plane in the afternoon.

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    It's just that all the big warships in the Huaxia fleet were captured to participate in the Pacific War, and now there are only a few light cruisers and a large number of gunboats.

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    I don't just need to deal with China's Central District. All the underground organizations of the Military Command in Shanghai are threatening the security of the Shanghai stock market. In addition to the Central China District, there are also multiple intelligence teams, the Second Shanghai District, and Zhongyi. Salvation Army, this is the opportunity to start the work.

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    Because Qi Qingbin just got out of the detention center not long ago, he doesn't have his own home yet, and Chen Gongshu is the dean of the political security school. With the care of Li Shiqun from the secret police headquarters, he not only has Private home in Hangzhou, but also home in Shanghai.

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    The first problem is that since the southern war began, the empire's domestic production has been greatly affected, especially the people's living materials are in short supply, and food output is constantly decreasing. The cabinet asked the imperial textile merchants in Shanghai to quickly raise a batch of cotton yarn and cotton cloth, the empire traded soybeans and bean cakes from Manchuria, peanuts and peanut oil from North China, so No need to worry about payment.” The second problem is that Pengcheng and Haizhou in central China and the Suhuai area signed a raw material exchange agreement, but the implementation results are not satisfactory. The number of exchange agreements in the third stage is not enough, and the exchange agreements in the fourth stage have arrived. It has not been implemented yet and the Hai Chau agreement is no longer an issue.”

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    Xu Ruiyang could completely imagine that Hitomi Miyamoto's heart at this time was completely occupied by the psychology of revenge, she could give up everything just to kill Renji Kawaguchi, and even cooperate with herself. However, her professional instincts cause her to be extremely calm and display extraordinary combat effectiveness.

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    This group of 18 people came from Japan to Shanghai, and under the orders of Nishida Jiro, the supervisor of the Nishida team, 12 people went to Yiling by plane, the Shangdu team flew from Hankou to Pengcheng, then to Shangdu to hide.

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    You really know how to choose a place! The most prosperous part of the public concession is Dama Road, also known as Jinling Road. Although now occupied by the Japanese army, this heritage does not disappear so easily.

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    The room was messy, with white pieces of paper on the floor, burned paper ash in a basin and a pile of electrical wires next to the table, used to power the radio. In the bedroom, more than a dozen beds were filled with clothes, and there were also some personal belongings that had not been taken away. It could be seen that the other party had quickly evacuated.

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    There are discounts on all water, electricity and electricity, and cotton is distributed in advance. Furthermore, are you at a loss? The empire has given you a lot of free resources and your cargo empire has also given you money, but at most you will earn less.

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    Zhou Fuhai, who was also chairman of the Special Committee of the Central Executive Committee of the puppet Wang Government, frowned when he saw Wan Lilang's application for execution.

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    Xu's house on Yuyuan Road.

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    "Don't worry. When Hideki Tojo visited the Shanghai stock market, I talked with General Kinoshita Sakae. Foreigners from many countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Netherlands, who lived in public concession and the French Concession, have not yet been sent to concentration camps. It will be about the end of April."

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    Xu Ruiyang didn't sleep all night. He was taking a nap at home. When he heard Wu Yaqing's words, he suddenly woke up. Dai Boss is really cunning.

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    "In terms of seniority, he has no problem. Although there is resistance in the Jinling government, it is not a big problem. However, the decision-making power of senior officials in To Chau is in the hands of the imperial army. The Mei government will certainly recruit gendarmes, the Military Bureau in Shanghai and the Special Operations Department of the 13th Army."

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    "Furthermore, although the Qingxiang Committee has done a good job in Suzhou province, other provinces and cities may not follow Li Shiqun's account. The resistance is quite strong and has formed an obstacle big. Such contradictions are nothing to the Jinling government. The good thing is ." Shibayama Kenshiro said.

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    When it comes to money, I have a headache. When the Political Security Bureau was established, I didn't notice that the Southeast Trading Company in the Secret Service Headquarters was swallowed up by Xu Ruiyang and became a branch of the Haichang Trading Company. yes so With financial resources in hand, how can you get into such trouble? Wan Lilang said.

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    "President Vuong asked you Ly Thoi Quan's cause of death?" Hua Due Duong asked.

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    My brother did a great job on this matter. I've wanted to deal with this traitor for a long time. However, he has Tran Bich Quan's back, I don't want to embarrass Chairman Vuong, I can't do it. so for a long time. Now, Japanese people are extremely shocked by the big corruption and grain smuggling case." Phuc Hai said with a smile.

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    "Leaving at the end of next month, the base camp has just received news, it will take until the end of the month to officially announce the order, and the headquarters troops have also received notification." Shimomura said.

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    The puppet restoration government was ordered by Japan to merge with the Wang puppet government, but it was also unwilling, it also occupied an important part in the Wang puppet government, Commander Ren Yuandao, Minister of the Interior Chen Qun, Chairman of Suzhou Province Gao Zongwu, etc., occupied a large part of the power.

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    Only then did Xu Ruiyang remember that when Xia Zhongming went to the Secret Service Headquarters to translate Li Shiqun into Japanese, he was also instigated by the Japanese and assigned to monitor Li Shiqun.

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    Since the military's control of the first district of Shanghai was broken, assassination operations by the Military Control Bureau to eliminate traitors and traitors have rarely occurred, and the method activities changed, focusing on sedition and infiltration.

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    "Remember this, I will give you the key later. Although Shangfeng allows you to return to the team, you must complete a mission before leaving the Shanghai Stock Exchange, to avoid returning bureau headquarters and go through the complicated screening procedures, and as a person of merit, I can arrange a suitable position for you.”

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    "Because of the failure of the naval battle, our air force is also at a disadvantage. The general staff has planned a campaign against the Huaxia mountain city government. By then, the material consumption will be huge. But at this time, they made such a move. What a bunch of bastards!” Nishida Jiro said coldly.